Scoil Chonglais, Baltinglass

Like many schools, the main purpose of Scoil Chonglais is to provide a sound, broadly based  education for its pupils. Scoil Chonglais believe this can best be achieved in the context of a happy and secure  framework within which each child can develop his or her talents in an atmosphere of individual encouragement and understanding.

Scoil Chonglais would like to help students develop intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially. They would hope that when the time comes for each student to leave the school he/she will have grown to be a responsible, creative and caring member of society.

Of course a primary aim of the school is to prepare students for house and public examinations and to endeavour to see to it that each student, whatever his/her ability, works hard to achieve full
potential in each examination.

There is a broad curriculum offered in Scoil Chonglais, a balance between academic and technical subjects. The desire is to maintain this balance and to give students experience in the broad
curriculum at the early stages so that later specialisation will be more meaningful and soundly based.

Apart altogether from academic programmes, the function of the school is to provide a happy, enjoyable and interesting environment for students. Recreational, cultural and personal development programmes play an important role in the growth and character formation of each student.

They would hope, then, that the aim of Scoil Chonglais is to develop what is best in every young person who passes through its corridors. Emphasis is placed on the provision of opportunities for the development of self-discipline, self-respect and consideration for others within the school community. The code of conduct and rules of the school emphasise courtesy, good manners and socially acceptable behaviour.

The schools desire is to cater, without prejudice, for the widest possible range of ability levels. The intake of pupils is not selective. Advice and information are given on career choice and guidance
about opportunities for further education is available. A pastoral welfare programme operates. Remedial education (Special Needs) is there for those requiring it.

Ultimately, they endeavour to see to it that the young boy or girl leaving Scoil Chonglais is equipped with the qualities and skills necessary to live a full and happy life.

Contact Details

Address: Scoil Chonglais Post-Primary School, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow

Tel: 059 648 1449
Fax: 059 648 2674

Principal: Patricia Gurhy
Principal email: