Avondale Community College, Rathdrum

“Welcome to our learning community. 

Avondale Community College is an all ability school which embraces diversity, we have embedded our vision and ethos into our mission statement ‘Learning to Grow through Respect and Trust’ 

Our school aims to enable every student to achieve at a level appropriate to his or her ability in a school community which encourages students to identify their strengths, abilities and talents. Our approach to teaching is based on maximising potential so that every student achieves in a learning environment which respects their ability and nurtures their talents. Students are encouraged to become independent learners, to discover what it is that they are good at and follow their aspirations. 

Our challenge is to strive for academic excellence. To do this we continue to work to get the principles of good practice right with the support of a committed staff. Ongoing staff development through professional in-service and ongoing encouragement of students to take responsibility for their learning is our way forward. 

We are constantly striving to improve the learning environment in our school and we  are committed to innovation in learning and teaching. We are part of a network of teachers across KWETB who are constantly sourcing new ways to improve  the learning environment for our students.  We have built a strong pastoral care system which contributes to a respectful atmosphere throughout the school. Everyone in our community has a responsibility to treat others with respect and courtesy. Our caring culture enables students to settle in easily and engage in a positive learning environment. We value the support, guidance and contribution of our Board of Management and Parents’ Council to the life of our school. 

Strategic planning into the future is predicated upon positive learning outcomes for our students and we draw upon the support of all in our school community to contribute to our goal. That is what makes us the school that we are. ”   

Elaine Fitzgerald

Contact Details

Address: Avondale Community College, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow

Tel: 0404 46445 / 46182
Fax: 0404 46424

Prinicipal: Elaine Fitzgerald
Principal email: AvondaleCC@kwetb.ie