Community National Schools

A Community National School (CNS) is the only state-owned model of National School under the patronage of ETBs.

Community National Schools are child-centred, multidenominational, publicly-accountable schools which strive to provide high quality education for every child.

A Community National School operates in the spirit of partnership between the patron, teachers, students, parents and the wider community served by the school.

A significant aspect of the model is its unique ‘ethos’ or ‘characteristic spirit’.

The Community National School characteristic spirit is centred around four core values.

Excellence in Education

In terms of ‘Excellence in Education’ your child will:

  • Be provided with a child-centred education that caters for their intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual needs
  • Have the highest calibre of teacher who will challenge them at their level and guide their learning in a manner appropriate to their individual needs
  • Experience the curriculum in the most innovative, stimulating ways to enhance their love of learning
  • Be in an environment that nurtures their well-being and personal development


In terms of ‘Multidenominational’ your child will:

  • Experience the Goodness Me, Goodness You!’ (GMGY) curriculum which is a multi-belief and values education curriculum.
  • Deepen their understanding of their own family’s religion or beliefs with the help of their teacher and parents in an environment that recognises and celebrates this important part of your child’s identity (where appropriate).
  • Learn about other children’s religions and beliefs and learn how to engage in inter-belief dialogue
  • Be supported to receive specific classes in their own faith or belief by members of their own belief community outside of the school day


In terms of ‘Equality-Based’, your child will:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect and learn how to live harmoniously in a diverse society
  • Learn that every human being is equally important and that we have a right to be treated fairly and a responsibility to treat others fairly
  • Learn about the values of the school, such as equality, human rights and citizenship
  • Learn to challenge discrimination and prejudice


In terms of ‘Community-Focused, your child will:

  • Experience a school environment that encourages parental involvement in all aspects of school life
  • Benefit from the support and expertise of the wider community
  • Enjoy the resources available in the community to enhance their educational experience
  • See their parents be given opportunities for adult education through in school through the ETB

These four core values are closely inter-related and are collectively unique to the Community National Schools.

For further information or to express your interest for a Community National School in your area, go to:

Greystones CNS Naas CNS
Principal: Mr Rory Kinane
087 400 7442
Principal: Mr Paul Ennis
045 875 311


Brannoxtown CNS
Principal: Dr Sarah Fitzpatrick
087 112 4310