Community National Schools

A Community National School (CNS) is a new model of National School under the patronage of ETBs.

  • It operates within the regulations laid down by the Department of Education and Skills and follows the primary curriculum.
  • It recognises the wishes of parents to have their children receive a co-educational and multi-belief programme of education within the school day.
  • It acknowledges and respects the diversity of values, beliefs, languages and traditions in Irish Society today and welcomes children from families of all faiths and none.
  • It is committed to a high standard of education where each child is helped to reach their personal potential.

A Community National School operates in the spirit of partnership between the patron, teachers, students, parents and the wider community served by the school.

Community National Schools Ethos Statement can be viewed here.

For further information on community national schools click here.

KWETB CNS Contact Details

Greystones CNS Naas CNS
Principal: Mr Rory Kinane
087 400 7442
(Acting) Principal: Ms Michelle Nolan
045 875 311