One Book One Community: Bray

April 12, 2016

Tanya Pagett, Isabell O’Hagan and Claire Martin at Bray Adult Learning Centre with the ‘Busy Parents Guide to the Young Rebels’

The One Book One Community project aims to promote reading as a community activity.  The programme is run by the HSCL and other teachers in schools around Bray and is supported by Bray Area Partnership and KWETB Adult Basic Education Service.  Each year a book is chosen that will appeal to older children and to adults and a range of events and activities are organised to encourage engagement with reading.  In 2016 young people and parents from primary and secondary schools around Bray are reading ‘The Young Rebels’ by Morgan LLewyellen.

In a new development, parents from St. Philomena’s Primary School and St. Peter’s Primary School, Bray came together to produce the ‘Busy Parent’s Guide to The Young Rebels’.  The guide gives parents a summary of the book and tips to extend the reading at home.  The guide was written, edited and produced by the parents supported by tutors from Bray Adult Learning Centre’s Family Learning programme.

Family Learning programmes aim to support the educational needs of families, support parents to gain the confidence to become involved in their child’s education and to develop their own learning.  They are run in partnership with schools and community groups and are based on the needs of parents and other carers.

Family Learning programmes are for second level schools too.  In Avondale Community College parents of First Years are participating in Project Maths for Parents.  This six week courses aims to demystify Project Maths and give parents tips for supporting and extending maths activities at home. Contact your local Adult Basic Education Service to find out more about Family Learning Programmes.

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