Notice of Formation of an Electoral Roll for Election of Staff Members to New KWETB Board

April 11, 2019

Please see KWETB Notice of Formation of an Electoral Roll for the election of two staff members (one female and one male) to the new KWETB Board of Members.

The Board is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the ETB by directing, approving and controlling the ETB’s activities. Board members should act on a fully informed basis, in good faith, with due diligence and care, and always in the best interest of the ETB, subject to the objectives set by Government. The Board should promote the development of the capacity of the ETB including the capability of its leadership and staff.

A Board is made up of Local Authority membership, Parent Membership, Staff Membership and Members Appointed in accordance with Subsection 11.

The Education and Training Boards Act sets out that each ETB must have 21 board members (Section 30 of the ETB Act 2013) and it sets the process for appointment of members of the Board (Section 31).  It specifies that at the first meeting of the Board after each local Authority election, those members elected by the relevant local authorities and staff members must appoint 2 parent representatives.  In turn those members must appoint 5 members from among the bodies specified by the Minister. (Section 31 of the ETB Act 2013).

The Board requires two staff members present on the Board. The Education and Training Boards Act 2013 provides for the election by eligible members of staff of members of an ETB, 1 male and 1 female.

For the purposes of the 2019 elections, an “eligible staff member” is a person who, on the  31st March,  2019,  is  employed  as  a  member  of  staff  by  the  ETB  and whose remuneration in respect of that employment is paid by the ETB.

Provisional electoral rolls containing the name and addresses of eligible staff members must be prepared for purposes of the election of staff elections.

Circular letter 0028/2019 is to provide clarification in relation to certain issues of general application and should be read in conjunction with the Regulations.

Minister for Education and Skills has appointed the Chief Executive of each ETB to be the returning office for that ETB for the purposes of the ETB staff elections.


Role of Board Members

Each ETB should be headed by an effective Board which is collectively responsible for the leadership of the Education and Training Board and no one individual should have unfettered powers of influence.

Board members should bring an informed independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance, resources and standards of conduct.

A detailed list of duties can be found in Circular 0002/2019 ‘Code of Practice for the Governance of Education and Training Boards’.


Ineligibility for Membership of an Education and Training Board

As in Circular 0028/2019 Arrangements for the Election of Staff Members to ETBS 2019, in order to maintain the distinction between reserved functions and executive functions in an ETB, and in accordance with Section 32 (2) of the Education and Training Boards Act 2013, by Ministerial order the following senior management staff grades in an ETB are ineligible for membership of an Education and Training Board:

  • Chief Executive
  • Director of Organisation Support Development;
  • Director of Schools;
  • Director of Further Education and Training;
  • Adult Education Officer;
  • Personnel Officer;
  • Finance Officer;
  • School Principal;
  • Training Centre Manager and Assistant Manager;
  • Manager of a Centre for Education.
  • Likewise, by Ministerial order, all other grades of staff, the duties of which are wholly or mainly   of   an   administrative,   executive   or   clerical   nature   and   the   maximum remuneration for which exceeds the maximum remuneration for the grade of Clerical Officer, will be ineligible for membership of an Education and Training Board.

Further information will be issued to all School Principals and Centre Coordinators in due course.

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