Confey College, Leixlip, Leaving Certificate Results Day

August 12, 2015

Mike O’Byrne, Principal, congratulated staff and students for the excellent results achieved by the Leaving Cert class and Leaving Cert Applied class of 2015. He stated that while today is a significant milestone for the students, it is not their final destination. Based on their results, there are a wide range of options available to students in addition to the CAO, such as PLC’s, apprenticeships, study abroad and the world of work.

The Leaving Certificate Class of 2015 have to be commended for their hard work and effort in achieving such good results. We are very pleased with the results achieved in all subject areas. Mary Cullen, Deputy Principal and Yearhead indicated that there has has been great personal achievement for students of all abilities in all subject areas. Many students believe they will secure their preferred options for next year.

Worthy of special mention is Rhyla Mae Santiago who received 8 A grades and 1 B grade in her results. We wish to congratulate Rhyla Mae and her family on her fantastic achievement.

This year 118 students sat the Leaving Certificate and 8 students took the Leaving Certificate Applied. The Leaving Certificate Applied results included a Distinction for Sarah Doolan, congratulations to Sarah, and most others achieving merits. Leaving Certificate Students achieved the A grade in 11 subject areas. There were very good results in Irish, English, Maths, History, German, Physics and Biology.. In Irish, 36 students sat the higher level paper and all students achieved honours with 14 students achieving the A grade. In Maths, every student who completed higher level was awarded the 25 bonus points. In English, 92 students sat the higher level paper and 77% of students achieved an honours grade. This exceeds the national average.

Mr. O’Byrne concluded by thanking the dedicated staff of Confey College for the excellent work they do with the students. In particular he thanked the Yearheads Ms Coburn, Ms Cullen and guidance counsellors, Ms Clarke, Ms Barry, Ms Logan and Ms O’Byrne for the support and guidance provided to the students throughout the year. He also wished to thank the parents of the students for their continued support in a real team effort to assist students reach their full potential .Now that the wait for the results is over, we wish all students the best of luck in the CAO round one offers on Monday and every success in their future careers.

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