5th Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science & Maths Award for Naas Community National School

May 24, 2016

Naas Community National School have just been awarded their Fifth Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence Award.  It was achieved as a result of clear evidence of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths integrated in the teaching and learning at the school. This STEM Award is only granted to primary schools where there is clear evidence of excellence in the area of STEM involving the whole school and external science engagement.

To achieve this Award, Naas CNS had to fulfill five Steps:

Step 1: Science
Provide evidence of the children engaging in hands-on science investigations in school (indoors or outdoors).
Step 2: Technology (ICT)
Provide evidence of how the children used technology as part of their school work.
Step 3: Engineering
Provide evidence of how children investigated engineering in class or in the local area.
Step 4: Maths
Provide evidence of how the children used their math’s skills.
Step 5: Stem Showcase
Provide evidence that the children shared their science work with others.


“The preparation for this award was a compilation of all the hard work on the part of our students and staff throughout the school year in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  A log of Evidence was submitted providing details and photographic evidence to achieve all the steps outlined above. Every class in the school was involved and completed a huge variety of tasks and projects such as:

  • Evidence of investigations in all Strands of the Primary Science Curriculum
  • Developed a multimedia based project on Space
  • Preparation and Exhibition at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition Primary Science Fair at the RDS for the fifth year in a row.
  • Explored and created Engineering based K’nex challenges and design and make activities
  • Use of ipads, surface RTs in the classroom for the creation of blogs and Powerpoint presentations.
  • Involvement in Science Week, Engineering Week, Maths Week Events and Safer Internet Day.
  • Development of a School Math’s Trail.
  • Parental Collaboration through our Monthly Maths4Fun initiative. This involves our parents and children work together on fun Maths activities and much more on the last Friday of every month in the school.

Our involvement in such a prestigious initiative has enabled our children develop their questioning, investigative, thinking and scientific skills through a collaborative teaching style.  Using investigations and challenges, our children have developed a love of STEM and a competence in working scientifically.  The benefits for Naas CNS have been enormous over the last few years.  The children have a very positive interest in STEM.  The DPSM Award framework provides a structure for STEM in the curriculum.  The profile of Science is raised in the school and among parents.  Our children experience success and recognition for their hard work and participation.We are extremely proud of the effort put in by everyone involved, and already planning ahead with next year’s award in mind.” –  Written by Caroline Colleran, Principal and Michelle Nolan, Deputy Principal at Naas Community National School

To find out more about the DPSM Award of Excellence, more information can be found on www.primaryscience.ie

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