Quality Assurance Governance and Decision-Making

KWETB’s over-arching governance structure includes the KWETB Board and the Chief Executive who is accountable to the Board for all FET functions including quality assurance. The Chief Executive delegates responsibility for quality to the Director of Further Education and Training, supported by the FET Management Team. Responsibility is also delegated to the Programme Approval Committee (for programme approval) and the Results Approval Panel (for certification.)

A FET Management Team is chaired by the Director of Further Education and Training and includes the Training Services Manager and Adult Education Officers. The FET Quality Assurance Team meets together with the FET Management Team under the Director of FET to review strategic and operational matters relating to FET Quality Assurance. Communication to and consultation with the relevant Further Education and Training managers is also overseen by this group. Operational responsibility for the implementation of policy and procedure rests with the managers under the guidance and direction of the FET Management Team.