Programme Development and Approval

KWETB develops and approves programmes and QQI validates them which allows the ETB to offer certification. KWETB has developed and approved a wide range of programmes which are validated in line with QQI’s Policy on Validation (2013.) There are two types of programme validated for delivery by KWETB under the legacy quality assurance agreements:

  1. Programmes developed, approved and validated in line with the Programme Approval Agreement for further education; and
  2. Programmes developed, approved and validated in line with the Training Quality Assurance Standards (TQAS) for training programmes.

These programmes were developed in line with the Common Awards System (CAS.) Currently the legacy Programme Approval Agreement is in place.

Award Programme

Leading to Major

Level 1
PG10395 P1CO0 Communications Being Safe, Expressive and Understood
PG10941 P1GL0 General Learning Art Link
PG10940 Good Food, Your Choice!
PG10394 How to Look Good and Feel Good Every Day
PG10393 Integrated Communications
Level 2
PG10914 P2GL0 General Learning Back to Learning
PG18320 Learning for Life
PG16170 Learning Skills for Life
Level 3
PG10396 3M0874 General Learning Pathways to Further Learning
PG22882 3M0877 Information and Communication Technolo Information and Communication Technologies 3M0877
PG10397 Information and Communication technologies in Everyday Life Progr
PG22884 3M0935 Employability Skills Employability Skills 3M0935
PG10398 Learning for Work
Level 4
PG13746 4M0855 Information and Communications Technol Information and Communication Technology Skills 4M0855
PG22890 4M0857 Employment Skills Employment Skills 4M0857
PG11499 Employment Skills 4M0857
PG13783 4M1976 Private Security Services Private Security Services 4M1976
PG22893 Private Security Services 4M1976
PG22891 4M1994 Horticulture Horticulture 4M1994
PG13640 Horticulture 4M1994
PG21941 Organic and Environmental Horticulture
PG22888 4M1998 Retail Skills Retail Skills 4M1998
PG13872 Retail Skills 4M1998
PG13389 4M2010 General Learning General Learning 4M2010
PG22885 General Learning 4M2010
PG11980 4M2014 Early Childhood Education and Care Support Early Childhood Education and Care Support 4M2014
PG11597 4M2015 Hotel Front Office Hotel Front Office 4M2015
PG13584 4M2063 Culinary Skills Culinary Skills 4M2063
PG13520 4M2070 Office Skills Certificate in Office Skills 4M2070
PG22889 Office Skills 4M2070
PG12912 4M2805 Catering Support Catering Support 4M2801
PG22887 Catering Support 4M2805
PG21942 Programme in Catering Support
PG13453 4M2895 Engineering Skills Engineering Skills 4M2895
PG22892 4M3154 Horsemanship Horsemanship 4M3154
Level 5
PG21944 5M0529 Software Development Certificate in Software Development
PG21946 5M0536 Computer Systems and Networks Certificate in Computer Systems and Networks
PG12708 5M0828 eBusiness eBusiness 5M0828
PG11380 5M1761 Intellectual Disability Practice Intellectual Disability Practice
PG12176 Intellectual Disability Practice 5M1761
PG22926 Intellectual Disability Practice 5M1761
PG22977 5M18519 Film and Television Production Certificate in Film and Television Production
PG11747  5M1940 Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Design 5M1940
PG11379 Computer Aided Draughting 2D
PG11811  5M1981 Creative Craft Creative Craft 5M1981
PG13314  5M1984 Art, Craft and Design Art, Craft and Design 5M1984
PG11376  5M1985 Art Art
PG12422 Art 5M1985
PG14627  5M1995 Graphic Design Graphic Design 5M1995
PG12645  5M1997 Office Administration Office Administration 5M1997
PG22904 Office Administration 5M1997
PG13998  5M2009 Early Childhood Care and Education Early Childhood Care and Education 5M2009
PG14360  5M2011 Music Music Performance 5M2011
PG11378  5M2012 Furniture Design and Making Furniture Design and Making
PG12247 Furniture Design and Making 5M2012
PG14755  5M2061 Engineering Technology Engineering Technology 5M2061
PG12582  5M2067 Information Processing Information Processing 5M2067
PG22898 Information Processing 5M2067
PG14503  5M2069 Marketing Marketing Principles for Business 5M2069
PG14124  5M2071 Contact Centre Operations Contact Centre Operations 5M2071
PG22902 Contact Centre Operations 5M2071
PG12076  5M2073 Language and European Studies Language and European Studies 5M2073
PG17045  5M2083 Hospitality Operations 5M2083 Hospitality Operation
PG16167  5M2088 Professional Cookery Professional Cookery
PG16817  5M2094 Photography Photography
PG22905  5M2102 Business Studies Business Studies 5M2102
PG12850 Business Studies 5M2102
PG14257  5M2105 Retail Practice Retail Practice 5M2105
PG12977  5M2109 Security Systems Technology Security Systems Technology ‐ 5M2109
PG11879  5M2110 Security Studies Security Studies 5M2110
PG14569  5M2111 International Trade International Trade 5M2111
PG14423  5M2145 Motor Technology Motor Vehicle Maintenance 5M2145
PG12777  5M2146 Multimedia Production Multimedia Production 5M2146
PG14212 5M2149 Sound Production Sound Production 5M2149
PG14535 5M2154 Cultural and Heritage Studies Irish Cultural Heritage Studies 5M2154
PG14061 5M2181 Applied Social Studies Applied Social Studies 5M2181
PG13932 Science Skills 4M2911
PG11377 5M2208 Design Design
PG12339 Design 5M2208
PG10943 5M2373 Agriculture Agriculture
PG16168 Model Farming for the 21st Century
PG11948 5M2468 Business Administration Business Administration 5M2428
PG22903 Business Administration 5M2468
PG17067 5M2586 Horticulture 5M2586 Horticulture
PG12520 5M2686 Floristry Floristry 5M2686
PG22901 5M2767 Logistics and Distribution Logistics and Distribution 5M2767
PG13097 5M2768 Animal Care Animal Care 5M2768
PG18221 5M2786 Community Care Community Care
PG16150 5M3050 Community Development Community Development
PG14181 5M3114 General Studies University Access Programme 53114
PG16902 5M3351 Hairdressing Hairdressing 5M3351
PG17049 5M3371 Horsemanship 5M3371 Horsemanship
PG16149 Equine Studies & Horsemanship
PG18222 5M3471 Beauty Therapy Beauty Therapy
PG18196 5M3635 Education and Training Education and Training
PG16946 5M3782 Health Service Skills Health Service Skills 5M3782
PG16933 5M3789 Legal Studies Legal Studies
PG16811 5M3807 Laboratory Techniques Laboratory Techniques
PG16875 5M3865 Fashion Design 5M3865 Fashion Design
PG17003 Fashion Design 5M3865
PG17075 5M4339 Healthcare Support Health Care Support 5M4339
PG16158 Healthcare Support
PG22897 Healthcare Support 5M4339
PG16151 5M4349 Nursing Studies Nursing Studies
PG18202 5M4468 Community Health Services Community Health Services
PG22925 Community Health Services 5M4468
PG16818 5M4511 Radio Production Radio Production
PG18198 5M4572 Dance Dance
PG16803 5M4732 Youth Work Youth Work
PG18200 5M5010 Construction Technology Construction Technology
PG16813 5M5011 Tourism with Business Business with Tourism
PG18223 5M5028 Applied Ecology Applied Ecology
PG18199 5M5048 Creative Media Creative Media
PG17080 5M5054 Interior Design Interior Design 5M5054
PG21231 5M5146 Sports, Recreation and Exercise Sports, Recreation and Exercise
PG21229 5M5148 Outdoor Sport and Recreation Outdoor Sport and Recreation
PG21230 5M5151 Performing Arts Performing Arts
PG21276 5M5158 Film and Television Production Film and TV Production
PG21232 5M5163 Theatre Performance Theatre Performance
PG16815 5M5265 Make‐up Artistry Make‐up Artistry
Level 6
PG21945 6M0691 Software Development Advanced Certificate in Software Development
PG14818 6M2007 Early Childhood Care and Education Early Childhood Care and Education 6M2007
PG18184 6M2099 Professional Cookery Professional Cookery
PG18180 6M2218 Social and Vocational Integration Social and Vocational Integration
PG21265 6M2230 Furniture Design and Making Furniture Design and Making
PG16156 6M2254 Agriculture Agriculture
PG16152 6M2263 Inclusive Education and Training Inclusive Education and Training
PG12141 Inclusive Education and Training 6M2263
PG18191 6M3115 Information, Advice and Advocacy Information, Advice and Advocacy
PG17086 6M3479 Beauty Therapy Beauty Therapy 6M3479
PG16155 6M3505 Horsemanship Horsemanship
PG16160 6M3507 Equine Breeding Equine Studies
PG17094 6M3617 Creative Ceramics Creative Ceramics 6M3617
PG16985 6M3618 Arts Administration Arts Administration
PG17096 6M3674 Community Development Community Development 6M3674
PG17085 6M3706 Fashion Design Fashion Design 6M3706
PG18185 6M3732 Photography Photography
PG16984 6M4029 Art Art
PG16992 6M4206 Art Metalwork Art Metalwork
PG17083 6M4330 Golf and Sports Turf Management Golf & Sports Turf Management 6M4330
PG18192 6M4334 Horticulture Horticulture
PG18183 6M4385 Retail Management Retail Management
PG17082 6M4508 Fashion Industry Practice Fashion Industry Design 6M4508
PG18187 6M4587 Management Management
PG18189 6M4749 Leisure Facility Supervisory Management Leisure Facility Supervisory Management
PG17068 6M4978 Health Services Supervisory Management Health Services Supervisory Management Skills 6M4978
PG18182 6M4980 Security Operations Security Operations
PG17088 6M4985 Business Business 6M4985
PG16982 6M4989 Architectural Technology and Design Architectural Technology and Design
PG18178 6M5012 Tourism with Business Travel and Tourism
PG16981 6M5013 Administration Administration
PG21275 6M5147 Sports, Recreation and Exercise Sports, Recreation and Exercise
PG21238 6M5153 Animal Science Animal Science
PG22254 6M5154 Maintenance Skills Technology Manufacturing Technician

Leading to Non Major

 Level 5
PG22895 5S5833 Warehouse Operations Warehouse Operations 5S5833
Level 6
PG20695 6S3006 Farm Administration Farm Administration


Where colleges, centres or services wish to develop a programme or module for approval, a proposal is made to the FET Management Team; the proposal is considered in the context of the needs and resources of the relevant programme. Where a proposal for the development of a programme or module is approved, training is provided to programme writers and evaluators. Evaluation is independently conducted by one or more trained evaluators and their report and recommendation is considered at a meeting of the Programme Approval Committee. The Programme Approval Committee is independent and members may not have had involvement in the development or evaluation process.

KWETB has been involved in the pilot phase of the implementation of the new QQI Validation Policy. Work is on-going at national level in the ETB sector to implement the policy through the development of agreed procedures.

In relation to Apprenticeships, existing apprenticeships have been supplemented with newly developed apprenticeships in a wide variety of areas see or

KWETB have recently commenced the National Commis Chef Apprenticeship in our flagship hospitality training centre in Marine House in Wicklow Town with a further planned roll out in two other locations in Wicklow and Kildare.  KWETB will also commence delivery of the following new apprenticeships in 2018/2019 including the IATI Apprenticeship, ICT Developer/Networking Apprenticeship and Hairdressing Apprenticeship. For more details, please contact the following;,,

In KWETB, the Traineeship programme is an occupational skill development programme which combines formal training with KWETB and workplace coaching with an employer.  The training content and occupational standards for traineeships are developed in consultation with employers, trade unions, regulatory bodies and interested groups.  KWETB’s Contracted Training Officers, under the direction of the Training Services Manager and in consultation with industry experts set about designing a traineeship tailored to a specific industry need. For further information, contact the following; or